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About Us! Who Are We?

Hi, we are the Murrays: Clint and Suzette!

Having been dealt the blow of hearing the results of being prediabetic from my doctor in 2018, I know exactly what folks are feeling once told this. It is a bit overwhelming, especially if there were never any clues, then one day you get the news and suddenly everything changes. 

My biggest concerns were:

How did this happen?

What do I do now?

What can I eat?

How do I prevent this from turning into diabetes?

I was full of questions with no answers, besides my doctor telling me I need to eat right and exercise, both of which I WAS doing.

So, the journey began with my husband Clint, by my side learning, exploring, and figuring out how to turn this diagnosis around. Well, I’m happy to say that in one year I was able to take control of my blood glucose and completely reverse my condition. Still today, it continually improves every year.

Did you know that 1 in 2 US adults either have prediabetes or diabetes? This stat is alarming. Understanding how to manage sugar cravings is just one aspect, yet a step in the right direction to deal with this.

Too much refined sugar is one detail that plays a role. There's no doubt that sugar is a highly addictive substance. This is how the sugar cycle generally works:

When we eat foods that are high in sugar, we are actually absorbing the sugar into our body → As the sugar enters our bloodstream → our body begins to release dopamine into our brain → the more we consume → the more dopamine is released → the more dopamine we release → the more sugary foods we want!

But the good news is sugar cravings may be controlled, we now know there are other factors besides willpower that may cause some folks to crave sugar more than others.

That’s why we put together this e-book:

The 5 Secrets to Curb Sugar Cravings without having to rely on willpower to help explain other factors that may be contributing to sugar cravings. Hint: it may not be due to a lack of willpower! ;)

~Suzette & Clint

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